Can Blu-ray to DVD II Pro compress a Blu-ray movie to one DVD-R/RW or DVD-R/RWs with AVCHD format?

Yes. With only one click, you can compress a Blu-ray movie to one DVD-R/RW or DVD-R/RWs with AVCHD format, which has a better video and audio effect.

  1. "1:1 copy" can perfectly copy a Blu-ray movie to DVDs without any compress or quality loss.
  2. Copies a Blu-ray movie to a AVCHD movie and save it on the harddisk drive.
  3. The SmartExpress HD video codec module ensures an effective and fast burn.
  4. SmartBurn burning engine. It is the most stable and fast validated many times by DVD-Cloner.
  5. Compresses a harddisk Blu-ray movie to one DVD with AVCHD format.
  6. Saves the audio track and subtitle you prefer.
  7. Selects your desired resolution.
  8. Burns the movie to more blank discs and you'll get a better picture and sound effect.
  9. Copies the harddisk Blu-ray movie to one DVD-R/RW or multiple DVD-R/RWs with AVCHD format.
  10. Supports for all the Blu-ray players and Blu-ray software player.
  11. Copies encrypted Blu-ray movies with the help of a third-party Copyhddvd Helper. (Copyhddvd Helper is not produced by OpenCloner Inc,. OpenCloner Inc. will not be responsible for this product.)


  1. AVCHD can't be played back on DVD players. You need Blu-ray players, like PS3, Sony BDP-S1, Samsung BD-P 1200 and so on, or the software player in PC, like PowerDVD.
  2. Since there isn't any compression under 1:1 copy mode, six blank DVD-9s or twelve DVD-5s are needed.


Blue-Cloner 2020 V9.90.837 Released

Dec.03, 2020

  • Supported the newest released Blu-ray movies.