Which Blu-ray copy protections can be removed by Blue-Cloner?

Currently, Blue-Cloner can remove Blu-ray copy protections including AACS, BD+, UOPs and Cinavia.

Which Blu-ray copy protections can’t be removed by Blue-Cloner?

Region code, Java, BD-Live and CCI. After copying Blu-ray movies with these protections under the 1:1 or movie complete copy mode, a restriction prompt may pop up when you play the copied Blu-ray disc. You can use the movie-only copy mode to circumvent these protections. These protections will be removed with subsequent versions.

Why is Internet needed when Blue-Cloner is removing protections?

The core data of removing Blu-ray protections are stored in the server. Internet is needed to download necessary data in the process of copying. 1KB data will be downloaded for cracking AACS, about 1.5MB for BD+ and 1GB for Cinavia.

Can the Cinavia protection be removed by Blue-Cloner?

It has been proved that some but not all Blu-ray discs with Cinavia protection can be decrypted. We need to test Blu-ray discs one by one. When new Blu-ray discs with Cinavia protection can be decrypted, we will upload the core data to the server for users to apply directly, no need to upgrade the software.

Note: Currently, you can decrypt and back up a Blu-ray movie with Cinavia protection to a BD-R only under the movie-only copy mode.

Why is there a prompt “Blue-Cloner couldn’t decrypt this Blu-ray movie now…”?

Some Blu-ray movies, due to the upgrade of AACS MKB version, cannot be decrypted temporarily. We need to upgrade the background database for cracking them, please wait for a few days and then try again.

Why do I get such a prompt “This is an invalid disc…” when playing a copied Blu-ray movie?

Because Java or BD-Live protection is not completely removed. Please use the movie-only copy mode to circumvent this protection.

Why do I get such a prompt “Wrong Region Code” when playing a copied Blu-ray movie?

Because region code protection is not completely removed. Please use the movie-only copy mode to circumvent this protection.

How to copy 3D Blu-ray movies?

Please use the 1:1 copy mode and keep the 3D effect, otherwise the copied movie will be converted to 2D format automatically.

Blu-ray copy failed when “Reading…”.

If this happens at the very beginning of the reading process and there are no other windows that have been explicitly prompted, it may be due to the problem with the optical drive. Please check whether the drive can be accessed and whether data can be written to the temporary directory in the “Setup” window. Then restart the software. If this happens in the midst of reading, please clean the disc because the disc is damaged or dirty, and make sure the option “Use direct I/O to access the CD-ROM” in “Setup” - “Read” is enabled and then try again. If this problem still exists, please contact support through the Feedback window.

Blu-ray copy failed when “Burning…”.

Please switch to “HCBURN” as the burn engine in the “Setup” window and reduce the burn speed. Or replace your BD-R and Blu-ray burner.

About HST

What is HST?

HST™ (H.264 Speedup Tech) is a hard-coded H.264 technology. It uses CPU decoding and GPU encoding, which greatly improved the H.264 compression speed. It works together with the GPU, and a discrete graphics card is needed.

Which GPUs can work with HST?

  • AMD Video Transcoding
  • Intel Quick Sync Video

How to enable HST?

Please enable the option “Enable decoding and encoding with HST” in “Setup” - “Read”. You can also click “Check” to see whether your system supports HST.

Why cannot I enable HST in my computer?

The following conditions are required to enable HST. Please check if your computer meets these conditions.

  1. A separate graphics card of AMD or NVIDIA brand produced after 2015 has been installed in the system. Or Intel series graphics cards and Intel CPUs are integrated in the system.
  2. The latest graphics driver has been installed. Do not use the graphics driver provided by Microsoft.
  3. The monitor has been connected through the output of these graphics cards and the monitor is working properly.