Digital rights management

Advanced access system (AACS) is a standard content and digital rights management. It is by a license management Co., LTD. (AACS!), a consortium, including Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Warner Brothers IBM, Toshiba, SONY.

Since appearing in devices in 2006, several successful attacks have been made on the format. The first known attack relied on the trusted client problem. In addition, the decryption key has been extracted weak protection WinDVD players. Since keys can be released in the update, this is only a temporary attack and new keys must constantly was found in order to solve the latest CD. This game has experienced several cycles, for August 2008, AACS decryption keys can be available on the Internet.

BD + consists of cryptography research (China) investment Co., LTD, is based on the concept of them get than digital content. BD + is actually a small virtual machine embedded in the authorized agent. It allows the content providers, including an executable program, in Blu-ray discs.

Examine the host environment, to see if the player has been tampered with. Every licensed playback device manufacturer must provide the BD+ licensing authority with memory footprints that identify their devices. Execute native code, possibly to patch an otherwise insecure system.

Verify that the player's keys have not been changed.

If the broadcast equipment manufacturers found its device, it can be invaded the release of the latent HD and detect more - the code of vulnerability. These plans can include all new releases.

The specifications of the BD+ virtual machine are available only to licensed device manufacturers. A list of licensed commercial adopters is available from the BD+ website.

The first published by BD + in October 2007. Version of BD + protection has been strictly carry out various versions of AnyDVD high-definition programming, including a new version of BD and + November 2008 by AnyDVD burst on December 29, 2008.


BD-ROM mark is small, the encrypted data from normal Blu-ray disc data. Bit-by-bit copies that do not replicate the BD-ROM Mark are impossible to decode. A special permit hardware requirements mark - ROM inserted into the media in duplicate. Through the special permission, the hardware components that it can eliminate BDA mass production ROMs.

Blue-Cloner 2024 V13.00.856 Released

Dec.27, 2023

  • Revolutionized Interface UI
  • Optimized External Drive Compatibility
  • Enhanced Burning Engine
  • Support for the Latest Blu-ray Movies
  • Critical Bug Fixes