Java software support

In 2005 JavaOne trade exhibition announced the sun Microsystems software environment is a Java include the entire cross-platform Blu-ray disc player is part of the mandatory standards. Java is used to implement interactive menu, rather than the Blu-ray disc, DVD, using the method of choice for pre-rendered MPEG, subtitles photos are quite a number of primitive seldom seamless.

The choice of codecs affects the producer's licensing/royalty costs, as well as the title's maximum runtime, due to differences in compression efficiency. Discs encoded in MPEG-2 video typically limit content producers to around two hours of high-definition content on a single-layer (25GB) BD-ROM. The more advanced video codecs (VC-1 and MPEG-4 AVC) typically achieve a video runtime twice that of MPEG-2, with comparable quality.

Java creator James Gosling, suggest the creator of the meeting in a virtual machine and network connections in some BD device will allow update Blu-ray disc through Internet or other content, additional subtitles language and promotional function, not included in the disc in urgent time. This version is called BD - J, is a subset of Java global standards implementation of the gem stones. Only a worldwide version of the multimedia platform of home.

Blue-Cloner 2024 V13.00.856 Released

Dec.27, 2023

  • Revolutionized Interface UI
  • Optimized External Drive Compatibility
  • Enhanced Burning Engine
  • Support for the Latest Blu-ray Movies
  • Critical Bug Fixes