Player profiles

BD-ROM specifications definition of four Blu-ray disc player profiles, including the player profiles (BD), need not Audio - video codec or BD - J. All three based on Video player profiles (BD) all Video - there must be a full implementation of BD - J, but different degree of hardware to support.


a This is used for storing audio/video and title updates. It can either be built in memory or removable media, such as a memory card or USB flash memory.

b A secondary audio decoder is typically used for interactive audio and commentary.

c Profile 3.0 is a separate audio only player profile. The first Blu-ray album to be released was Divertimenti by record label Linberg Lyd and it has been confirmed to work on the PS3.

d Is also known as Initial Standard profile.

e Is also known as Final Standard profile.

Nov. 1, 2007, introduces the grace of the minimum extra Angle profile players Video BD - issued new market. When the blue software authored interactive characteristic depends on bonuses or BD - Live performance is in the side 1.0 hardware players, they will be able to play the main features, but also exists some additional functionality disk may or may not provide limited ability.

The biggest difference is that, BD and Live - bonus to Blu-ray discs Live - BD players have Internet connection (usually by standard Ethernet port) access to network RJ - 45 Internet based content. BD - Live chat features, plan and directors, network game, can download, download featurettes tests, and download movie trailers. Note, although some extra views players may have an Ethernet port, these are not used to the firmware update is based on Internet content. In addition, to deal with the content, also need more local memory 2.0.

Besides the LG, LG - BH100 - BH200, the PlayStation 3, Samsung BD - UP5000 1.0, players can't Live - bonus or BD as compatible.

Blue-Cloner 2024 V13.00.856 Released

Dec.27, 2023

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