Region codes 

Blu-ray disc can decode an area code, to limit the area in the world, they can play, similar DVD, although use area code geographical areas each are not identical. Blu-ray disc player in a certain area may be sold only dish affected areas. Coding, which is mainly used to market segmentation, or price discrimination, but it also makes the film studios control all aspects of audit (including content, release the release date) according to the region. Disc may also generate no area, so they can coding played the full 90 minutes for the equipment. The country's main Blu-ray manufacturer (Japan, Malaysia, Korea, etc.) in the same area in America. As the late 2008, almost 70 percent of the relief valve disc is famous - free.

The major studios have different regions of the code. Paramount pictures and universal studios have released their title all freedom. SONY and Warner bros. Released most of their title, but the new route regional free time Warner, a start is famous, but was later released online - and not be locked. Representatives from other new release tag title are still in some areas of the lock. Lionsgate and Disney have published mixed title, freedom and regional coding. 20th century fox announced, but all 11 titles area code.

In the blue area, the United States is placed coding system in area and area B and C for countries to experience the title is American officially announced before the localization delay. Although sometimes is real and some new titles such as "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and "Operation in Fear before Us" in some European countries. In response, the area of the DVD copy system, where famous - DVD players become dominant in whose specific market, Some blue players have been modified model to allow play DVDS in any of the circumstances, the area code.

Blue-Cloner 2024 V13.00.856 Released

Dec.27, 2023

  • Revolutionized Interface UI
  • Optimized External Drive Compatibility
  • Enhanced Burning Engine
  • Support for the Latest Blu-ray Movies
  • Critical Bug Fixes