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Blue-Cloner 5 is top-rated Blu-ray copy/backup/burn/decryption software which can copy Blu-ray movies to blank Blu-ray/DVD discs or to the hard disk. The brand-new Express and Expert interfaces can meet users' different needs for Blu-ray copy, whether a novice or a professional user. It is an ideal backup tool to protect your original Blu-ray discs from being scratched or damaged, with no need to buy the same Blu-ray disc.

Blue-Cloner 5 enables you to make perfect 1:1 Blu-ray copy, movie complete copy, movie-only copy, split copy and customized copy. Besides, Blue-Cloner 5 has the new function of copying a Blu-ray movie to a DVD or AVCHD disc. It will be constantly updated to remove latest protections and compatible with all Blu-ray burners and Blu-ray discs. The multi-core CPU and the NVIDIA CUDA technology are supported to largely increase the copy speed. With the optimized reading speed and wizard interfaces, Blu-ray copy will be finished just after a cup of coffee.


Perfect 1:1 Blu-ray copy

  • Brand-new Express interface and Expert interface: The Express interface is for novices to copy Blu-ray movies with just one click and the Expert interface is for advanced users to copy Blu-ray movies with various customized copy modes.
  • Removes protections of AACS, BD+, the latest version of MKB and region code without any third party plug-in, so as to copy and back up Blu-ray discs with no limit.
  • Makes a copy of the whole Blu-ray disc onto another, keeping those fancy menus and introductions.
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Movie complete copy

  • Compresses a Blu-ray disc (50G) to a blank BD-R/RE (25G), including menus and special features.
  • Compresses the main movie with MPEG-2 or H.264 1080p to a BD-R/RE (25G).
  • Makes quality Blu-ray copy between Blu-ray movie folders and ISO files.

Movie-only copy

  • Copies the main movie title of the original Blu-ray movie to a blank BD-R/RE (25G), with unwanted audio track(s), subtitle(s) and prohibition messages omitted.

Split Blu-ray copy

  • Splits one Blu-ray movie (50G) to two blank BD-R/REs (25G).

Customized copy

  • Select only your desired movie title(s) to copy and remove the unwanted audio track(s) and subtitle(s) for every selected movie title.
  • Preview every Blu-ray movie title under the customized copy mode.

Other features

  • Copies a Blu-ray movie to a DVD-5 or DVD-9 disc.
  • Copies a Blu-ray movie to an AVCHD DVD-5 or AVCHD DVD-9 disc.
  • Converts HD audio tracks like TrueHD, DTS-HD Master, LPCM to a normal format to save your valuable Blu-ray disc.
  • Supports for the backup of scratched Blu-ray movies.
  • Set the target DVD-5/DVD-9 disc size to save space.
  • Supports the acceleration of CUDA and DXVA 2.
  • Supports the acceleration of NVIDIA and AMD display cards.
  • Added the function of burning ISO files and Blu-ray movie folders on the hard disk.

Blue-Cloner Diamond

Blue-Cloner Diamond is powerful Blu-ray copy/burn/decryption/conversion software. It has all the features of Blue-Cloner plus the ability to burn data/video files to DVD or Blu-ray discs and rip Blu-ray movies to various video and audio formats for enjoying on popular media devices. It enables you to copy Blu-ray movies to blank Blu-ray/DVD discs or to the hard disk and convert 2D movies to 3D format. Besides, you can convert video files to DVD/Blu-ray video format for playback on various DVD/Blu-ray players. Give it a try and you'll find your ideal multimedia solution!


Knowledge of Blu-ray Copy

Blu-ray enables recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video(HD), as well as storing large amount of data. With the development of technology, it becomes possible to make Blu-ray copy of many latest Blu-ray movies such as Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, etc. The accessibility of Blu-ray copy means that we can copy Blu-ray or common DVD to many kinds of compatible formats for us. And if you want to copy your precious Blu-ray movie data on the DVD disc, it is no use worrying about the fragile and expensive Blu-ray discs any more. Now it is time for consumers to enjoy their Blu-ray media servers at home by making a Blu-ray copy of hot movies, such as Mission Impossible 4 Blu-ray copy and The Twilight Saga 4 Blu-ray copy.

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