Backward compatibility

The two sides supporting HD DVD and Blu-ray drive are backwards compatible. Manufacturers can decide whether to include Blu-ray/DVD/CD compatible optical head, so that it can be backwards compatible, but it would be a mistake, or not. When you look at the computer fully explaining what you want to buy, there will be the information about the drive when it is reading or writing Blu-ray/DVD/CD discs. You will see "Read: DVD±R, DVD±RW, Write: DVD±R…", etc.

Blue-Cloner 2018 V7.00 Released

Feb.23, 2018

Blue-Cloner 2018 V7.00 is officially released. Upgrade to the latest version

  • Removes Cinavia watermarks planted in audio tracks of a Blu-ray movie, so that you can enjoy the copied discs on playback devices that are equipped with Cinavia detectors such as PS3.
  • The latest version, with integrated and reasonable interface layout, makes your copy work more convenient and efficient.