Blu-ray vs. DVD

DVD and Blu-ray comparison

Generally, Blu-ray is quite similar to DVD. The players look the same, the discs look the same, and even the disc menus are similar. Then what are the differences?

Blu-ray brings three major improvements over DVD: better image quality, better sound quality, and more special features. All three are made possible by the larger storage capacity of Blu-ray, which is capable of storing 50GB of information on a single Blu-ray Disc, compared with DVDs, which can hold about 8GB.




Maximum native resolutions supported via HDMI

EDTV (480p)

HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p)

Disc capacity

4.7GB (single layer)
8.5GB (dual layer)

25GB (single layer)
50GB (dual layer)

Video capacity (per dual-layer disc)

SD: approximately 3 hours

SD: approximately 23 hours
HD: 8.5 or 5.6 hours, depending on encoding method

Compatible video game consoles

PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360

PlayStation 3

Player prices

$99 and less

$170+ for Profile 1.1 players
$250+ for Profile 2.0 players
$400 for PlayStation 3

Movie prices

$6 and more (retail)

$20 to $28 (retail)

Number of titles available at the end of 2008


about 1,000

Set-top recorders available now



Copy protection/digital rights management

Macrovision, CSS


Region-coded discs and players





Blue-Cloner 2018 V7.00 Released

Feb.23, 2018

Blue-Cloner 2018 V7.00 is officially released. Upgrade to the latest version

  • Removes Cinavia watermarks planted in audio tracks of a Blu-ray movie, so that you can enjoy the copied discs on playback devices that are equipped with Cinavia detectors such as PS3.
  • The latest version, with integrated and reasonable interface layout, makes your copy work more convenient and efficient.